JuniorBot 9.4.2015


Taivallahti school physics teacher Anna-Maija Niiranen presented her students with an opportunity to take part in a robotics event. One of her students, Maria from 8A, had a great idea. Emma, Maria’s classmate, promised to support her.

Maria’s idea was a coffee machine that would bring you coffee and even wash your cup for you. Maria needed a prototype and asked her classmates for help. André and Henri said they could help. The boys programmed and built the robot, and it turned out great.

On 9th of April the students had a presentation at the JuniorBot event in the Museum of Technology. There were four presentation in total, and they were judged by four investors. The participants were able to ask for funding from the investors. The judges asked tough questions from the participants, but Maria and her team had good answers. According to Maria, the investors were interested in the robot and the idea in general. They liked the fact that she would have used old vending machines for parts.