Taivis – Lion-Feuchtwanger Gymnasium München – oppilasvaihto 2013-2014

BEST EVER!!! It was so nice to met german people and get new friends. We had very fun and did very much together. Oli tosi ihanaa saada elinikäisiä kavereita :)Evelina Tuovinen 9D

Best week i ever had. It was nice toi meet new friends and to do the activities together. Yannik Germany

This exchange was really the best thing i ever did with our school! I met pretty lovely persons and we had so much FUN!! We get reallz good fri9ends and were still in contact when we didnt see us. It gonna be hard when we dont have them around us:( But we will meet again in a few months. I cant wait to see them again !!! 🙁  Arta Germany

I had never expected that I would find so many friends in this exchange! We met a great group of wonderful and awesome people and I´m going to miss them so much but I´m glad to say that we will stay in contact for many years.I promise it !!!<3 Manuela Farago 10O Germany

This is one of the greatest experience I’ve done in my life till now. Thank yóu for the warm welcome and for everything else. I’m so blessed to have so many good friends now. Thank you for EVERYTHÍNG. It was PERFECT! Buesra Oezdemir 10p

I was so happý to see our finnsh friends again after 6 months! Here we had again a wonderful time together. We made a trip to the forest, went shopping together and visited wonderful places of Helsinki. This week was just perfect and now I am so sad that we have to leave! But I am sure that we will all meet again. And thank you Lotta for everything, you are amazing!!! <3 Antonia Wolf 10p – Germany

Sain tutustua ja ystävystyä moniin uusiin ihmisiin. Ohjelmamme on ollut hyvää ja kaikilla on ollut hauskaa. Saksalaisia tulee ikävä. Silvia 9B

I am so glad that I take part in this finniah exchange !!! It was a unforgetable week and i am very sad to leave now. We are like a little family together, it’s was so cool to make friends with every single one. Thank you for the amazing time <3 Eva Chen 10p- Germany

The time here was so wonderful. It´s a pity that it was only one week, but it was an unforgetable week. The people and the city here are very nice and it was cool to see how the school and the lessons are here. I can say to everyone who have the chance to take part in an exchange should use this chance, because it´s maybe only ont time in the live! Maria Winkler 10p -Germany

It only took us 2 weeks to become something like a little exchange family and i am so unbelievably grateful that i got the chance to meet all of these wonderful people. I found so many new friends and got closer with people i have alreay known for quite some time. I will never forget the things i experienced and it*s great to have so many people i can share these lifelong memories with.:) Antonia Dittrich 10a – Germany

We’re all sad because we’re leaving now. In this moment we have got our last evening together. In this week we have made so funny things together and it’s sad to say goodbye now. I think everyone will miss every single one of the other exchange patners because we are all getting so close together. But i think it’s not an goodye forever and we will see us again. I’m counting the days till we will see us again and it will become an beautiful time again. 🙂 Janina Piminchumo Salinas 10p – Germany

The exchange is just unforgettable. This is an experience we will and can never forget. It’s crazy that we all only know us 2!! weeks 😀  During this time we made so many great things, you can say that we had magical moments together 😉     And now we get to know each other so well. The time has passed so unbelievably fast, it seems like it was yesterdsay when we were at the airport. I am just glad that I am a part of the exchange. And now it’s time to say goodbye 🙁 But I hope that we will see us once again 😉     I will  miss my wonderful and only adorable partner which made the exchange even unforgettable. In her I found a great and amazing person which I can call my friend now; I will miss waking up next to her; and just everything. I am so thankful for everything 😀   Alexandra Tran 10o – Munich, Germany

I will always remember this experience. I found some great new friends and got to know many new, lovely people. Me and my exchange partner are really close now, we are like brothers. Love you Fabian, my brother. I will always remember you and i hope that we will meet again after this exchange. Tuomas Capraro- Helsinki, Finland

I will never forget this week. To meet those beautiful, great people and having so much fun with them was the best i have ever experienced. Now it’s time to say goodbye, I will miss you all so much! Alina Müller, Germany

Thank you very much for the wonderful atmosphere and the inspiring moments during this week in Helsinki! Students who are in such an elated mood make school a great place to be. And teachers who organise things as Kirsi and Meikku have done are the exchange partners you wish to have. Friedemann Ries, Germany

This was a wonderful and great experience! I have had so much fun and made some unforgettable friends and memories! Best week! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Isla Brotherus- Helsinki, Finland 😛

sorry i have to leave now, so i can`t write so much but this was one of the best weeks in my life and i`m gonna miss you alll so much!!!!!!!!!!!!that you are so great! i love you, winnie the pooh